Earlier this week, Stephen Fry stopped by the office to discuss the reissue of his three books with Soho, and he turned the place upside-down … in the best way possible. To commemorate the occasion, I composed an ode (which I hope Stephen himself never reads since he once wrote a whole book on poetry writing*)!

An Ode to Stephen Fry

Before a visit from Stephen Fry,
The office was in disarray.
We knew that simply wouldn’t fly.
And cleaned and polished and put away
the papers, books, ‘scripts, and pens,
and donned our blazers, skirts, and tights.
I hope you appreciate the cleanse.
A tidy space is quite a delight.

You charmed us with your wit and grace
Stop by whene’er your plans have space.


*I did at least shoot for iambic pentameter, Mr. Fry.