I don’t know what your life is like, you know? You might live in Miami or Australia or something. But if you’re like most of the people in my life (by which I mean on my Facebook feed), you’re cold. You’ve been cold for a long time. It’s not good.

But YA Bibliophile, a blog run by the delightful Heidi Zweifel, is like a summer day, in internet form. Just look at this cheerful, colorful design (but ignore the title of the top blog post; it even rains in summer, you know?):


As evidenced by my poking around in Heidi’s “Awesome Bookish People” section, a section that, in my opinion, all blogs should have, I see that Meg Cabot apparently agrees that this blog is totally kickass. I also learned that Heidi is a busy girl! pics with John Green, Gary Paulsen (!), Sarah Dessen, Leigh Bardugo, her book club… the list is long.


I know a lot of people do this, but I really get excited by these master review lists, too. Heidi’s is amazing! I’m so impressed by you bloggers that have carved out time not only to read, but also to write so many thoughtful reviews. In particular, I was excited to see that she loved Dan Krokos’s False Memory, one of my all time favorite thrillers! Nice bonus? Audiobook recommendations. My god. Where does she find the time?

Basically, this blog rocks, and this blogger rocks. You should read her reviews at ze blog, and also follow her on Twitter. She has an awesome background.

And check back on the 20th! Heidi did a great analysis of why YA book bloggers do what they do, and we’ll be posting on that day. We got tons of answers from people on Twitter and she drew some really interesting conclusions … don’t miss it.