Helen Rosner wrote a beautiful treatise on loving a book not just for its content, but for its recommender.

We’re so excited to announce a part of our Fall 2015 list, Mira Ptacin’s memoir, POOR YOUR SOUL.

Stephanie Danler, a waitress at the publishing industry’s lunch time staple the Union Square Cafe, sold her debut novel, Sweetbittter, in a six-figure deal to Peter Gethers at Penguin Random House. Gethers is a regular at Ms. Danler’s other job, Buvette in the West Village.

Speaking of six-figures, an update on the as yet unnamed startup to be founded by former New York Times Executive Editor Jill Abramson and Steve Brill says writers will be paid advances up to $100,000 for their longform work.

Just in time for Halloween, two human skulls and “thousands of magazines, books and videos on Satan, witchcraft and the occult” were found Thursday at the Stamford, CT refuse transfer center, the Hartford Courant reports. Investigators discovered over the weekend where the skulls came from, but are still investigating.

The Atlantic posted the Most Popular Passages in Books according to Kindle Data.

Start planning your holiday festivities with 9 Ways to Celebrate Like Jane Austen This Christmas at Buzzfeed.