Paula Bomer’s Inside Madeleine made Jason Diamond’s top 30 of 2014 over at Vol. 1 Brooklyn, along with lots of other great books! Foreign Gods is on NPR’s best of 2014, and Last Winter We Parted is a best mystery at USA Today! We have even more Best-Of-List News coming, but can’t share yet. Sohoho!

Have you read The UnAmericans yet? It’s showing up on lots of lists of its own (like this one, at NPR) and it’s so good that when I finished it, in a Mexican bar (really!), I pressed it into the hands of the nearest person–the bartender–and begged him to start it that day.

Tom Ricks, the author of Fiasco, among others, and a war correspondent for decades with the Washington Post wrote this incredibly moving and honest piece about dealing with PTSD at the New Yorker. Bonus: I found this article when I stumbled upon the “What We’re Reading” column at the NYT. I will now have this bookmarked on every device I own.

And, finally, some perspective for your holiday shopping.