Chandra Prasad

Chandra Prasad is the author of several books, including Damselfly, a female-driven young adult novel used in schools as a parallel text with Lord of the FliesOn Borrowed Wings, a Connecticut Book Award finalist; Death of a Circus, which Booklist calls “richly textured and packed with glamour and grit”; Breathe the Sky, a fictionalized account of Amelia Earhart’s last days; and Outwitting the Job Market, a guide for young jobseekers. Prasad is the editor of—and a contributor to—Mixed, the first-ever anthology of short stories on the multiracial experience. Her shorter works have appeared in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The New York Times Magazine, The Week, New Haven Noir, Teen Voices, and numerous literary, arts, and poetry journals.

Chandra Prasad's Books