Soho Press is not currently accepting unagented, unsolicited submissions for our Crime or YA lists.

We are open to unsolicited submissions for our literary list. Please familiarize yourself with the types of books we publish in the literary imprint “Soho Press” before submitting. In general, we are interested in bold voices and original ways of seeing the world.

Start by sending three chapters (or fifty pages) and a cover letter to:

ATTN: Acquisitions Editor
Soho Press
853 Broadway
New York, NY 10003

If you would like your pages returned to you upon our response, please accompany your submission and query with postage and self-addressed packing materials. It’s not advised to send a query letter without sample pages—without seeing the actual writing, it’s hard to get enthusiastic about a book.

All editorial inquiries should be e-mailed to the Editorial Department at