Merry Folger Nantucket Mysteries

Francine Mathews

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On the tiny island of Nantucket, Detective Merry Folger must navigate small-town gossip, political quagmires, dark family secrets, and long-standing local feuds to close murder cases and prove that her job wasn’t simply handed to her from her father, the local police chief.

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Book 1: Death in a Cold Hard Light
Book 2: Death in a Mood Indigo
Book 3: Death in Rough Water
Book 4: Death in the Off Season
Book 5: Death in Nantucket

Francine Mathews

Denver, CO

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“What a treat to have a new addition to one of my very favorite series! Francine Mathews's prose is elegant, her heroine appealing, her setting vivid, and her characters shine. For mystery lovers, the Merry Folger books hit every note. ”
—Deborah Crombie, New York Times bestselling author of Garden of Lamentations

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