The Joe Sandilands Investigations

Barbara Cleverly

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The six books in this series follow investigator Joe Sandilands as he tracks down spies and killers across the early years of the 20th century. Amidst murder, mystery and espionage, Sandliands keeps his wits about him, and author Barbara Cleverly’s elegant style make these books a reading experience of the first order.

Series includes:

BOOK 1: The Last Kashmiri Rose
BOOK 2: Folly du Jour
BOOK 3: Strange Images of Death
BOOK 4: The Blood Royal
BOOK 5: Not my Blood
BOOK 6: A Spider in the Cup
BOOK 7: Enter Pale Death
BOOK 8: Diana’s Altar

Barbara Cleverly

Cambridge, England

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“A great blood and guts blockbuster.”
—The Guardian

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