The Lew Griffin Novels

James Sallis

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Lew Griffin is a private detective, teacher, writer, poet, and a black man moving through a white man’s world. The darkest corners of New Orleans are illuminated in this series by living legend and master of noir James Sallis.

Book 1: The Long-Legged Fly
Book 2: Moth
Book 3: Black Hornet
Book 4: Eye of the Cricket
Book 5: Bluebottle
Book 6: Ghost of a Flea

James Sallis

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“One of the most inventive and affecting sagas in recent crime fiction. Lew Griffin is an African-American private detective in New Orleans (and a poet and teacher) who specializes in finding missing persons. Griffin’s moral intelligence and questioning mind fold a noir perspective into post-existential angst. And of course there’s New Orleans, full of dangerous mirage.”
—Tom Nolan, The Wall Street Journal, on the Lew Griffin series

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