The Peter Diamond Investigations

Peter Lovesey

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Chief Superintendent Peter Diamond of the Avon and Somerset Murder Squad is a golden age-style detective, a devotee of old-fashioned gumshooing. He’s a little out of shape and has no interest in fancy technology—he’s only just been persuaded to get a cell phone and has no patience for computer nonsense—but none of this stops him from solving case after case.

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Book 1: The Last Detective
Book 2: Diamond Solitaire
Book 3: The Summons
Book 4: Bloodhounds
Book 5: Upon a Dark Night
Book 6: The Vault
Book 7: Diamond Dust
Book 8: The House Sitter
Book 9: The Secret Hangman
Book 10: Skeleton Hill
Book 11: Stagestruck
Book 12: Cop to Corpse
Book 13: The Tooth Tattoo
Book 14: The Stone Wife
Book 15: Down Among the Dead Men
Book 16: Another One Goes Tonight
Book 17: Beau Death
Book 18: Killing with Confetti
Book 19: The Finisher (New Hardcover to release July 2020. Not available to purchase in the bundle.)

Peter Lovesey

Chichester, England

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“• MWA Grandmaster Award for Lifetime Achievement

• CWA Gold and Silver Daggers

• Diamond Dagger for Lifetime Achievement”

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