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Los Angeles burglar Junior Bender has a rule about never taking a job that pays too well: in the criminal underworld, if you’re offered more money than a job is worth, someone is going to end up dead. But he’s bending his rule this one time because he and his girlfriend, Ronnie, are in desperate need of cash to hire a kidnapper to snatch Ronnie’s two-year-old son back from her ex. The whole thing is pretty complicated and has Junior on edge.



Over the past twelve months, club members were the first to receive these celebrated Soho Crime titles:

October – The Usual Santas by Soho Crime Authors
November – The Widows of Malabar Hill by Sujata Massey
December – This is What Happened by Mick Herron
January – My Name is Nathan Lucius by Mark Winkler
February – Cult X by Fuminori Nakamura
March – Death Comes in Through the Kitchen by Teresa Dovelpage
April – Fall of Angels by Barbara Cleverly
May – Baby’s First Felony by John Straley
June – Don’t Eat Me by Colin Cotterill
July – 99 Ways to Die by Ed Lin
August – The Big Empty by Stan Jones
September – Solemn Graves by James R. Benn

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