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For more than twenty years, Soho Crime has been publishing atmospheric crime fiction set all over the world. Some of our most popular series will whisk you away to France, China, England, Laos, Northern Ireland, Australia, Japan, Germany, South Africa, Italy, Denmark, and Palestine, to name but a few, and we hope that this list will only grow with time. Our books run the entire range of crime fiction—detective fiction, police procedurals, thrillers, espionage novels, revenge novels, stories of thieves, assassins, and underworld mob bosses—but you can count on an immersive adventure steeped in cultural and setting detail. Visit this page for a complete list of titles in the Soho Crime library.

Featured Authors

Cara Black

Cara Black is the author of thirteen books in the New York Times bestselling Aimée Leduc series. She lives in San Francisco with her husband and son and visits Paris frequently. Visit her website.

Author Of

Murder in Pigalle; Murder Below Montparnasse; Murder at the Lanterne Rouge; Murder in Passy; Murder in the Palais Royal; Murder in the Latin Quarter; Murder in the Rue de Paradis; Murder on the Ile Saint-Louis; Murder in Montmartre; Murder in Clichy; Murder in the Bastille; Murder in the Sentier; Murder in Belleville; Murder in the Marais

Kwei Quartey

Kwei Quartey was born in Ghana and raised by a black American mother and a Ghanaian father, both of whom were university lecturers. As a teenager, he got into serious trouble with the military government for putting up protest posters; after a stint in prison for "sedition," he left for the United States, where he has lived ever since. In 2008 he returned to Ghana for the first time, and now visits frequently as research for his writing. A practicing physician, he now lives and works in Pasadena. He writes in the morning before he sets off to work at HealthCare Partners, where he runs a wound clinic. He is the author of two other critically acclaimed novels in the Darko Dawson series, Wife of the Gods and Children of the Street.

Author Of

Murder at Cape Three Points

David Downing

David Downing grew up in suburban London. He is the author of six books in the John Russell espionage series, set in WWII Berlin: Zoo StationSilesian StationStettin StationPotsdam StationLehrter Station, and Masaryk Station and the nonfiction work, Sealing Their Fate: The Twenty-Two Days That Decided World War II. He lives with his wife in Guildford, England.

Author Of

Masaryk Station; Lehrter Station; Potsdam Station; Stettin Station; Silesian Station; Zoo Station; Jack of Spies

Gary Corby

Gary Corby writes historical mysteries set in the world of classical Greece. He's written The Marathon Conspiracy, The Pericles Commission, The Ionia Sanction, and Sacred Games. He lives in Sydney, Australia, with his wife and two daughters. Check out his blog.

Author Of

The Marathon Conspiracy; Sacred Games; The Pericles Commission; The Ionia Sanction

John Straley

The youngest of five children, John Straley was born in 1953. He received a BA in English and a certificate of completion in Horse Shoeing. He has brown eyes and likes jokes and a wide variety of literature and music. He is the Shamus Award-winning author of The Curious Eat Themselves and The Woman Who Married a Bear and was appointed the Writer Laureate of Alaska in 2006. John Straley lives with his wife, Jan, a prominent whale biologist, in a bright green house on the beach in Sitka, Alaska, where he works as a criminal defense investigator by day and sleeps, writes, and plays with his band, The Big Fat Babies, whenever he can. For more information, visit his website.

Author Of

Cold Storage, Alaska; The Woman Who Married a Bear; The Big Both Ways; The Curious Eat Themselves