Here are some almost-haikus, featuring Soho book titles:


Mick Herron

Nobody walks

down Cemetery Road.



James R. Benn

A blind goddess

stands at death’s door.

The rest is silence.


Garry Disher

Fallout on Bitter Wash Road,

whispering death

under the blood moon.


Timothy Hallinan

Little Elvises

in the hot countries

crashed for the dead.


Lene Kaaberbøl and Agnete Friis

Invisible murder:

the considerate killer

placed the boy in the suitcase.


Dale Peck

Martin and John,

now it’s time to say goodbye

in the garden of lost and found.


Barbara Cleverly

Strange images of death:

a spider in the cup

and the last Kashmiri rose.


Peter Lovesey

Down among the dead men,

the last detective wore silk drawers.


A case of spirits changed cop to corpse

on Skeleton Hill upon a dark night,

the Reaper enjoying the tick of death.


Teen mash-up

Strangelets liv forever

while I become shadow,

more happy than not

on Stone Cove Island.


(To any authors who have unwittingly been a part of this production: my apologies/you’re welcome.)