The Millions had its own roundup, featuring perspectives on feminism from the inimitable Roxane Gay (“Not every novel that concerns itself with the lives of women is a feminist novel. Fifty Shades of Grey is not a feminist novel.”) and Edan Lepucki.

Sarah Burnes, a Brooklyn-based literary agent, wrote an eloquent and nuanced explanation of the role children’s fiction plays in her adult life, in response to widespread criticism of adults who read Young Adult fiction, at The Paris ReviewSlight editor’s note that I thought this was going in a totally different direction when Sarah brings up the misunderstanding and dismissal of complexity in the female POV. She didn’t continue with this thread, but since 98% (unscientific) of YA fiction is from the female POV, written by women, trivialization of the lady-gaze is not irrelevant here.

Did you see Jim Carrey’s spoof on Matthew McConaughey’s Lincoln commercials on SNL?! (via Salon)

The Atlantic reported on a study in France asking drunk people in a bar to answer questions about philosphy–the results are surprising! In short: “The drunker the subject, the more willing he or she was to kill one hypothetical person for the sake of the hypothetical many.” Bonus is that you’ll get two philosophical quandaries to pose to the guests at your next cocktail party.

The Texas Book Festival happened! Our authors Adele Griffin, Kwei Quartey, Tim Hallinan, and Ed Lin were all there. Yee Haw!