In the vein of one of our favorite comics/shame-inducers, John Oliver, we’re recapping your weekend news after it’s happened!

It’s not quite this past weekend, but was posted early enough today that it might as well be: The Atlantic has “30 Years of Coens” for your perusal.

Salon posted an excerpt of Laurie Penny’s new book,  Unspeakable Things: Sex, Lies and Revolution.

Speaking of feminism, sexuality, and sex, Dylan Landis maybe had the best weekend of all, with a fantastic interview on KTEP’s Words on a Wireplus her third notice in the New York Times, this time as an Editors’ Choice.

How can you not click through to see what was described, on HTML Giant, with this list: “shepherds and crosses collaged, feather sisters, tossing phones into the water, animated knife piles, a girl who plays football named Tractor, shadow doves, batshit heroines, sunset cannonballs, peaceful blemishes, new gaps, #FUCKYESOXYGEN, and loving yourself at night.”

The Rumpus had an essay from Jennifer Pastiloff that contains this line: “What the dead leave behind: doughnuts. I remember the morning my father died. I walked into the kitchen and thought doughnuts and also: bodies.” That feels like all you should need to know, but it also includes lots of poetry, which I think is a nice touch.