A short essay by Soho Press author Pola Oloixarac is featured over at LitHub.

The essay is titled “Why I Don’t Write About the Women in My Family” and recounts some of the brutal attacks the women in Oloxarac’s family ancestry endured.

“It is a fact universally known that in Lima, if you are a lady of beauty, you are likely to be a whore. I learned this when I was around 13, and my mother was obsessed with me being a lady of the night, too. She liked to check my pockets to see if I had extra money, money I couldn’t account for, a domestic IRS of my little, never-been-kissed vagina. But I digress.”

Soho published Oloixarac’s Savage Theories in 2017 and will release Dark Constellations, her second novel, next year.

Read more about Savage Theories here, and check out the LitHub essay here.