Titles Included in the Complete Soho Crime Library

Sebestia Alzamora
(Barcelona, Spain)
Blood Crime

F.H. Batacan
(Manila, Philippines)
Smaller and Smaller Circles

Quentin Bates
(Reykjavík, Iceland)
Frozen Assets
Cold Comfort
Chilled to the Bone

James R. Benn
The First Wave
Blood Alone
Evil for Evil
Rag and Bone
A Mortal Terror
Death’s Door
Billy Boyle
A Blind Goddess
The Rest is Silence
The White Ghost
Blue Madonna
The Devouring

Cara Black
(Paris, France)
Murder in the Marais
Murder in Belleville
Murder in the Sentier
Murder in the Bastille
Murder in Clichy
Murder in Montmartre
Murder on the Ile Saint-Louis
Murder in the Rue de Paradis
Murder in the Latin Quarter
Murder in the Palais Royal
Murder in Passy
Murder at the Lanterne Rouge
Murder Below Montparnasse
Murder in Pigalle
Murder on the Champ de Mars
Murder on the Quai
Murder in Saint-Germain

Lisa Brackmann
Rock Paper Tiger
Hour of the Rat
Dragon Day

Grace Brophy
The Last Enemy
A Deadly Paradise

Henry Chang
Year of the Dog
Red Jade
Death Money
Chinatown Beat

Barbara Cleverly
Strange Images of Death
The Blood Royal
Not My Blood
A Spider in the Cup
Enter Pale Death
Diana’s Altar
The Last Kashmiri Rose

Gary Corby
(Classical Greece)
The Pericles Commission
The Ionia Sanction
Sacred Games
The Marathon Conspiracy
Death Ex Machina
The Singer from Memphis
Death on Delos

Colin Cotterill
(Southeast Asia)
Thirty-Three Teeth
Disco for the Departed
Anarchy and Old Dogs
Curse of the Pogo Stick
The Merry Misogynist
Love Songs Shallow Grave
Slash and Burn
The Woman Who Wouldn’t Die
Six and a Half Deadly Sins
The Coroner’s Lunch
I Shot the Buddha
The Rat Catchers’ Olympics

Garry Disher
Kittyhawk Down
Chain of Evidence
Blood Moon
Port Vila Blues
Whispering Death
The Dragon Man
Bitter Wash Road
Signal Loss

David Downing
Silesian Station
Stettin Station
Potsdam Station
Lehrter Station
Zoo Station
Masaryk Station
The Red Eagles
One Man’s Flag
Jack of Spies
Lenin’s Roller Coaster

Dan Fesperman
Lie in the Dark

Agnete Friis
What My Body Remembers

Leighton Gage
Buried Strangers
Dying Gasp
Every Bitter Thing
A Vine in the Blood
Blood of the Wicked
Perfect Hatred
The Ways of Evil Men

Michael Genelin
Siren of the Waters
Dark Dreams
The Magician’s Accomplice
Requiem for a Gypsy

Tod Goldberg
Living Dead Girl

Timothy Hallinan
The Fear Artist
Little Elvises
The Fame Thief
Herbie’s Game
For the Dead
The Hot Countries
King Maybe
Fields Where They Lay
Fools’ River

Karo Hamalainen
Cruel is the Night

Mette Ivie Harrison
The Bishop’s Wife
For Time and All Eternities
His Right Hand

Mick Herron
(Oxford, England)
Dead Lions
Slow Horses
Down Cemetery Road
The Last Voice You Hear
Smoke and Whispers
Why We Die
Nobody Walks
The List
Real Tigers
Spook Street
This is What Happened
The Marylebone Drop

Adrian Hyland
Moonlight Downs
Gunshot Road

Stan Jones
White Sky Black Ice
Shaman Pass
Village of the Ghost Bears
Frozen Sun
Tundra Kill

Stephen Mack Jones
August Snow

Lene Kaaberbøl
(Copenhagen, Denmark)
Invisible Murder
Death of a Nightingale
The Boy in the Suitcase
The Considerate Killer

Graeme Kent
One Blood

Heda Margolius Kovaly

Ted Lewis
(London, England)

James Lilliefors
The Leviathan Effect

Martin Limón
Slicky Boys
Buddha’s Money
The Door to Bitterness
The Wandering Ghost
G.I. Bones
Jade Lady Burning
Mr. Kill
Nightmare Range
The Joy Brigade
The Iron Sickle
The Ville Rat
Ping-pong Heart
The Nine-Tailed Fox

Ed Lin
Ghost Month

Peter Lovesey
Rough Cider
The False Inspector Dew
The Vault
Diamond Solitaire
The Reaper
On the Edge
Diamond Dust
The Summons
House Sitter
Upon a Dark Night
The Secret Hangman
Detective Wore Silk Drawers
Mad Hatter’s Holiday
The Headhunters
The Tick of Death
A Case of Spirits
Swing Swing Together
Skeleton Hill
Cop to Corpse
The Tooth Tattoo
The Last Detective
The Stone Wife
Down Among the Dead Men
Wobble to Death
Another One Goes Tonight
Beau Death

Jassy Mackenzie
(South Africa)
Stolen Lives
The Fallen
Random Violence
Pale Horses
Bad Seeds

Francine Mathews
Death in the Off-Season
Death in Rough Water
Death in a Mood Indigo
Death in a Cold Hard Light
Death on Nantucket

Seicho Matsumoto
(Tokyo, Japan)
Inspector Imanishi Investigates

James McClure
(South Africa)
The Steam Pig
The Caterpillar Cop
The Gooseberry Fool
The Sunday Hangman
Blood of an Englishman
The Artful Egg
The Song Dog

T. Frank Muir
Hand for a Hand
Tooth for a Tooth
Eye for an Eye

Magdalen Nabb
(Florence, Italy)
Death in Autumn
The Marshal and the Murderer
Property of Blood
Some Bitter Taste
The Marshal and the Madwoman
Death in Springtime
The Innocent
Death of a Dutchman
The Marshal’s Own Case
The Marshal Makes His Report
Marshal at the Villa Torrini
Vita Nuova
Death of an Englishman
The Monster of Florence

Fuminori Nakamura
The Thief
Evil and the Mask
Last Winter, We Parted
The Gun
The Kingdom
The Boy in the Earth

Stuart Neville
Stolen Souls
The Final Silence
Those We Left Behind
The Ghosts of Belfast
So Say the Fallen

Eliot Pattison
Prayer of the Dragon
Lord of Death

Rebecca Pawel
Death of a Nationalist
Law of Return
The Watcher in the Pine
The Summer Snow

Kwei Quartey
Murder at Cape Three Point
Gold of Our Fathers
Death by His Grace

Matt Rees
The Fourth Assassin
The Collaborator of Bethlehem

John Straley
The Big Both Ways
Cold Storage Alaska
The Woman who Married a Bear
The Curious Eat Themselves
The Music of what happens
Death and the Language
The Angels will not Care
Cold Water Burning

Akimitsu Takagi
Honeymoon to Nowhere
The Tattoo Murder Case
The Informer

Helene Tursten
The Torso
The Glass Devil
The Fire Dance
Detective Inspector Huss
Night Rounds
The Golden Calf
The Beige Man
Treacherous Net
Who Watcheth
Protected by the Shadows

Janwillem van de Wetering
The Corpse on the Dike
The Japanese Corpse
The Blond Baboon
The Maine Massacre
Just a Corpse at Twilight
Death of a Hawker
Hollow-Eyed Angel
The Mind-Murders
The Streetbird
The Rattle-Rat
Hard Rain
Perfidious Parrot
Outsider in Amsterdam
The Sergeant’s Cat

Jan Merete Weiss
These Dark Things
A Few Drops of Blood

Timothy Williams
Another Sun
Converging Parallels
The Puppeteer
Persona Non Grata
Black August
Big Italy
The Honest Folk of Guadalupe
The Second Day of the Renaissance

Jacqueline Winspear
(London, England)
Maisie Dobbs
Birds of a Feather

Qiu Xiaolong
(Shanghai, China)
Death of a Red Heroine
A Loyal Character Dancer
When Red is Black


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